We are deeply rooted in the community we serve, acting as a bridge between individuals or families and mainstream statutory services.

A lot has happened since we founded the charity in 2002. We started out small, but now we help well over a hundred young people in Ealing every week.

We run workshops. Work closely with local schools and social services. We help people gain access to scholarships. Provide mentors. Help prevent young people from getting involved with the wrong people. And we run regular events that give you a chance to speak out and have your say in the community. When needed we can also provide a bridge between you and the justice system.

If we can help we will. Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Our Mission
We aim to give you a better start in life. And put you in touch with the people and organisations who can help you when you need them the most.
What We Do
Some of the young people we help are at risk through no fault of their own. By helping them at a very practical, local level we can turn that around.
Main Objectives
Too many young lives are ruined by crime and radicalisation. Here at SADC we work closely with schools and the youth justice system to prevent that from happening.
Since we registered as a charity in 2002 the Somali Advice and Development Centre has helped give young people a chance to do more, and be more.