Advice & Info

If you need advice you are welcome to attend our surgery. It’s run three times a week by staff who will be happy to help.

We can help you find your way around housing benefit and council tax.

We can help with application forms, whether you’re applying for a job, need to renew your passport, or need help with benefits.

They can offer advice on income support, jobseeker’s allowance, universal credit, working tax credit, disability living allowance or personal independence payments.

We can also give non-financial help with gas and electric bills.

Advice & Info Service

To make an appointment call or email the SA&DC Office.

020 8571 1357

Wednesday & Thursday
10am - 5pm
First come walk in

Appointment only
9am - 5pm

F11 &F12, Unit4, Triangle Centre,
399 Uxbridge Road, Southall, UB1 3EJ

We provide a translation service for important meetings. In schools, with social services, the police, and psychologists. We’ll also translate important letters.
If things aren’t going well at school we can help, whether you’re having problems with exams or are threatened with being turned away from school.
Whatever your issue with housing we’ve probably experienced it at some point. We’ve dealt with benefit overpayments, benefit suspensions, court orders and evictions. We can also help write letters and contact authorities for you.
Finding your way around the benefits system isn’t easy. Ask us for help. We can even make applications for you if you’re having problems.
We don’t give immigration advice but we can help you find a local lawyer. If you live in Ealing we can also provide an interpreter.
Youth Offending
We give practical help for young people who are having a rough time, or have found themselves in trouble. Our job is to help point them in the right direction.
Young Ealing
Let us help you get ready for the world of work. Our team have a mix of schemes for young people; from volunteering to training, practicing interviews to apprenticeships.
Ealing Apprenticeship Programm
The next round of apprenticeships are due in April, so please register your interest now or call 0208 825 6234. For more information on how to apply download our guide here.
Ealing Pathways Programmes
This is a 20-week trainee programme for 16-24 year olds to help you prepare for employment, apprenticeships or other opportunities. Email us or call 0208 825 6234.
If you’re worried about a child’s welfare, or your own, please let us know. We provide a joined-up service to help young adults on everything from school trips to sex education.
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children believes that every child is worth fighting for. Our hotlines for children and adults are as vital now as ever.
Ealing CVS
A registered charity, Ealing CVS offer training and skills courses, tips on IT, and help with a range of issues from hate crime to poverty and LGBT rights.