SYE @ Saturday 30thJune, 12.30pm -5.00pm at Westside Young Peoples Centre

Ealing Somali Youth Event 2018

The Somali Advice and Development Centre would like to invite young Somalis in Ealing to join us in our annual Ealing Somali Youth Event which will be held on Saturday 30thJune, 12.30pm -5.00pm at Westside Young Peoples Centre.

The main objective of the event this year is to raise awareness amongst young members of the community surrounding key themes including the Rise of Knife Crime. This is the sixth year in a row we are holding this event in Ealing.

This will be an event filled with entertainment and empowering speeches from accomplished young people from Ealing and beyond who are coming to share their story with the current youngsters in the borough.

The event will also provide young people with a chance to hear about the work of SADC throughout the year since our last annual event. SADC would be honoured to have you present.

Westside Young Peoples Centre, Churchfield Road, London, W13 9NF